Lesson activities

Talking a walk

Warm up

Make a circle – using a song like “Make a circle, make a circle, big and round, big and round, come on everybody, come on everybody, let’s sit down” to tune of Frere Jacque.

Or ‘Take Eight to make a Circle’ (eight bars to get it together):


Sing the song standing or sitting still.  Start making the circle when chanting from 1 to 8, or singing of the major scale with numbers.  Scatter around the room and repeat.

Game – Taking a Walk

Explain to the children that they are going on a little journey for 8 counts, to the following tune in minims – Taking a Walk

Explain that everyone has to back where they started when we finally to eight. Vary the tempo each time.  Imagine something seen or done along the walk:  singing birds, rivers, animals, shopping, collecting raspberries…

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