Lesson activities

General Rhythmic ideas

  • Moving a rhythm from one body part to another, on a signal.
  • Ask students to march (quarter notes) with their feet and clap eighth notes. On the signal, they switch (tip toe eighths, clap quarters).
  • After we learn two different rhythms, I play one, class steps the other. If I change rhythms, the class has to change to the other one. Often there will be a measure of overlap, which creates an interesting internal friction, that takes place in a fraction of a second, and certainly grows your synapses!
  • Practice moving a rhythm from one “mode” to another, for example by singing a familiar tune and at the signal, stepping, clapping or otherwise showing the rhythm of the song.
  • Develop the song by singing, then signalling to sing it silently/internally, and on the second cue, resume singing.
  • Use a grace note for “jump” and a trill for “turn” (twirl around once).

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