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One two three, who has the ball?

Game variant I: The children are standing close beside one another in a row with a child in front. The song is sung while the children in the row pass the ball to each other. The child who stands in front of the row should guess who has the ball. If guessed correctly, then these two children swap.

Game variant II: A child has the ball and stands with his back to the other children. This child throws the ball over the head backwards and the other kids try catching the ball. Whoever catches it keeps the hall behind them, the other children also lay hands on the back. Then they sing the song and when finished the child in front tries to guess who has it. If guessed then this child throws the ball again. If not guessed then the child who caught the ball has a turn to throw the ball.

English translation:

One two three, who has the ball
The beau-tiful ball of gold?

Look around, who has it now?
The beau-tiful ball of gold!


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Sally Go Round the Sun

The first stage is to sing it with students holding hands and walking in a circle, then changing direction on the word “boom.”

The second is to sing the song in your head and keep the beat with your feet and again change direction on the word “boom.” This is great for kindergarten and first grade.

The third is to sing it as a three-part canon with three circles. The circles start walking in the same direction as they start to sing, and then change direction at different times as they each get to the “Boom.”

“Sally go round the sun
Sally go round the moon
Sally go round the chimney pot
Every afternoon. Boom!”