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Little Johnny Brown

Leader sings the song and demonstrates the sequence as follows:

“Little Johnny Brown, lay your comfort down”
—Strut into the circle and lay out a scarf or handkerchief (square is best) in the middle of the circle.

“Fold up the corner, Johnny Brown”
—Fold each corner precisely on the syllable “corn.”

“Show us the motion, Johnny Brown”
—Pick up the scarf and make a clear, repetitive motion. (Later, make sure that the group does not copy while singing this phrase.)

“We can do the motion, Johnny Brown”
—The whole group imitates the motion.

“Take it to your friend now, Johnny Brown”
—Strut over to someone else and hand over the scarf. That person now goes into the centre and the whole song starts again.

Continue playing until everyone has had a turn. If the group is too big, there can be several Johnny Browns (each with a handkerchief) going in the centre at once, with the remaining people in the circle choosing whose motion they want to copy.

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